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An ultra-powerful A6 chip
Graphics and processor performance are up to twice as fast as on the A5 chip. The iPhone 5c offers a remarkable autonomy:
 iPhone 5C

- Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- USB charging via computer or AC adapter

High-speed 4G LTE connectivity
The iPhone 5c supports the latest wireless technologies (4G LTE) and connects to more networks around the world. Wi-Fi is also faster.
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A new design for the 7th generation of the iPhone
With a thickness of 8.97 mm and a weight of 132 g, the iPhone 5c white is remarkably thin and light. Its shell is made of polycarbonate and its rounded edges are diamond cut with incredible precision.
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iPhone 5C 8GB - White iPhone 5C 16GB - White - Unlocked Released in September 2013, the cheap iPhone 5c replaces its predecessor the iPhone 5. It has conquered the public with its curves reminiscent of the first generations of the Apple smartphone and its different colors tinged with emotion. In terms of performance, those of a iPhone 5c 16go are similar to those of an iPhone 5 of the same capacity, with some notable improvements. What makes the strength of a white iPhone 5c is undoubtedly its design and its color, which marks a significant change for the Cupertino company. Indeed, Apple innovates its smartphone giving it a trendy look at the expense of the finesse of its iPhone 5 since its iPhone 5c 16GB white has a thickness close to 9 mm for 132 g. There is also a change in the hull since it is made of polycarbonate with rounded edges cut to the diamond with an incredible surgical precision for a bluffing rendering. Users can opt for several colors of shell: white, blue, pink, green or yellow. They also have at their disposal protectors-hulls strewn with orifices stamped with the logo of Apple in assortment with the color of their smartphone. And if the performance of the reconditioned iPhone 5c are identical to those of its predecessor, there are still some changes made by Apple engineers such as improving the 4G LTE network from 3 bands to 7 bands. The model iPhone 5c white cheap also has a more powerful battery of 1 570 mAh for a range of 250 hours in standby and 8 to 10 hours in 3G / 4G and telephone conversation. As for the front sensor of 1.2 megapixels, it now allows to make videos in 720p at 30 fps for a FaceTime in high definition. If the cheap iPhone 5c is an upgraded version of the iPhone 5, it has kept its 4-inch Retina display with a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels for a pixel density of 326 dpi. It still displays 16 million colors and remains an LED-backlight IPS LCD screen. Compared to its predecessor, a white iPhone 5c 32GB runs with version 7 of the Apple iOS. This also allows him to offer a new aesthetic in the display, which is more minimalist with better colors. At its release, the iPhone 5c price was below the iPhone 5. Buy iPhone 5c can benefit from many accessories. Indeed, the Cupertino company provides users with accessories specifically designed for the device, such as headphones, tempered glass protective films or docking stations. This product is for you if you want a high-end smartphone with beautiful curves and colors to reveal your emotions.Highlights: A 4-inch glossy Retina screenFor now, you see everything more vivid and realistic. And although the display looks larger, the width remains the same as that of an iPhone 5. With its rounded contours, its grip is even more enjoyable than previous iPhones.

Warranty 6 mois
Display Size (inch) 4
Megapixels 8
Resolution 640 x 1136
Network 4G

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